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Which Lincoln Models Are The Most Fuel Efficient?
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As any Michigan Lincoln fan will tell you, there’s plenty to love about every one of the brand’s new SUVs -- their sophisticated styling, cutting-edge technology and excellent performance are all major reasons local shoppers choose to buy a Lincoln over any alternative brands. Another big draw for customers? Fuel economy. You’ll find that every new Lincoln SUV offers abundant power without a sacrifice in fuel efficiency. For proof, just take a Lincoln test-drive nearby. Even as you accelerate up on-ramps and explore the Michigan backroads, the gas gauge will hardly budge. If you’d like to review in detail the latest Lincoln specs as they relate to fuel economy, please visit our Lincoln dealership in Plymouth today.

Can I Buy a Plug-In Hybrid Lincoln SUV?

Yes. Lincoln has been hastening the pace of innovation among luxury SUVs with its new Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring and Aviator Grand Touring models, two plug-in hybrid SUVs designed to deliver excellent performance and mpg ratings. As plug-in hybrids, these two SUVs offer the best of both worlds: enough all-electric range for local driving and a powerful gas engine for longer adventures. The Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring electric driving range can reach up to 28 miles, while the Aviator Grand Touring offers 21 miles of range. If you’d like to compare the Aviator Grand Touring vs. Corsair Grand Touring, please give us a call or visit our showroom today.

Buy a Hybrid Lincoln near Me

If you’re looking to buy a new Lincoln in Michigan, be sure to ask our sales consultants about the Corsair Grand Touring and Aviator Grand Touring specs. Both of these Lincoln SUVs are seriously impressive in every regard; the Aviator Grand Touring, for instance, offers up to 494 horsepower and 630 lb-ft of torque from its hybrid powertrain, making it as fast as it is efficient. And for the ultimate in fuel-efficient luxury, you can buy a Lincoln Black Label Aviator Grand Touring in Plymouth -- a model that pairs all the exclusivity of the Lincoln Black Label brand with the Grand Touring hybrid technology. When you’re ready for a Corsair Grand Touring test-drive, just contact Hines Park Lincoln today.

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